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Do You Have The Time

Men’s and Women’s watches
at prices that are hard to beat.

Band and battery replacements
for whatever watch you have.

Specialty Repairs
We offer custom sizing and fittings
for the best comfort.

Watches And More
We also offer a fine line of Magnetic Bracelets for you to choose from.

Huge Selection
Come and visit us here at the Mall and enjoy browsing around to find exactly what’s right for your taste and budget.

Jewelry E.R. Repair services


Service & Value
Providing excellent service and great prices for the jewelry and repairs that you want.

Our Services
Ring sizing, diamond and stone setting, chain and bracelet repairs, custom designs, watch battery crystals, engraving, pearl restringing, and more.

Huge Selection
Come by and browse our displays to find the perfect jewelry you will love.

Computer Repair Sales & Service

We do computers right
Computer repairs, cleaning, fixes, restoring, antivirus installation, Operating System set-up


Fast Professional Service
Bring in your computer, laptop, and other devices. We can usually have it fixed while you wait, and if not, we will let you know how long it will take.

If there is a fix, we’ll find it
We know computers inside and out.
We are always learning about the latest technology so we know exactly what to do.

Repairs and sales
We not only repair computers,
we also sell top brands at great prices.
Browse our large inventory for a great deal.